More Ways to Play

Nobody takes virtual races as serious as real races. It is because there is no signage on route, no starting and finishing line. It all depends on whether the participants complete the event honestly. Most importantly, the results are difficult to compare meaningfully.

We will use a new advanced technology with the TRAILME APP, allowing us to provide an innovative tracking and timing system for the race. When participants have downloaded the APP, signed up and selected our course (16k or 56k course) they just need to press the start button when they reach the starting point. Tracking will start and the participants can race. There is nothing to do, such as taking selfie photos to proof that they are on the route or uploading the final GPS file. When they reach the finish line, TRAILME will recognize that, stops tracking and provides instantly the ranking.

During the run, we can also see whether the participants are progressing on the route in real-time. Your supporters always have your latest position.

Some advanced function also makes the event more interesting, not just a simple competition of the whole course.

How to play

1. Unlimited Attempts and the Best One for Championship

Participants can try the course as many times as they want. All the qualified results will be listed on the leaderboard, i.e. a participant can have multiple listings. It is quite exciting to see the change of ranking over the whole event period. The best result of each participant is eligible for the Championship.

2. 56km – Special Prize for Section Challenge

There are 6 sections on the 56 km course ( please check the 56 km page ). Every Thursday afternoon, we will select one section which participants can challenge for the next 7 days ( Friday to next Thursday). Participants still need to finish the 56 km course in one-go, and we will list the qualified section results in a leaderboard. The 12th place runner will have a special gift.

3. 16km – Special Prize for Weekly Challenge

Apart from the overall ranking, all the participants of 16km are also eligible for a weekly leaderboard from every Friday to the next Thursday. The 12th place runner will have a special gift.