About Us

MacLehose Trail is unquestionably the most famous trail in Hong Kong. It is the first official trail and the longest one as well. The trail lies between the East and the West of the New Territories and is divided into 10 sections. Between Section 3 and 8, the route is very hilly with 12 significant mountains and forms the natural border of Kowloon and the New Territories.

Although this route is physically demanding, people can enjoy spectacular landscapes in return – the sea view in the East, city view in the middle and villages and countryside in the West.

Therefore, we organize a race and name it “The 12 Peaks” to make people refocus the beautiful mountains and landscapes along this route. Perhaps it is a good way to rediscover Hong Kong.

Elton Lam
Race Director

I am a graphic designer and love trail running for years. When seeing the branding design of the worldwide famous trail running races, I wish there will be an event logo that can represent Hong Kong with unique landmarks too.

The 12 Peaks covers the most mountainous part of MacLehose Trail, including the highest one in Hong Kong – Tai Mo Shan. The white radar shelters in the peak area are so iconic, thus it has a nickname The White Ball. The White Ball can be seen from most part of Hong Kong on a clear day. When I design the logo of The 12 Peak, I believe that combining The White ball and Tai Mo Shan can represent the uniqueness of this Hong Kong event, and can impress local runners and those from overseas as well.

Morrissey Cheung
Graphic Designer